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What do restaurants and hospitality venues need to know about AV technology?

Running any business requires access to information from which management can make decisions to keep the operation running smoothly, safely, efficiently and profitable.  Today’s sophisticated automation systems, upon which the best AV systems are based, can significantly streamline internal processes and enhance the customer experience for restaurants and other hospitality businesses.  With a single touch, staffers can control climate and lighting, access security and video cameras, control music and video content and more.  The best systems can be automated with customized “events,” making facility management easier than ever.

What is a common AV setup for a restaurant?

Video monitors are common in the bar or lounge area, generally less so in the dining areas. Modern entertainment and control systems integrate the video from an AVR and multiple audio sources with management from a single interface or app. A multi-zone audio system is essential in any restaurant with multiple rooms. That way, the system can play different volumes – and even different content – in the various rooms in the facility.

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Hotels & Hospitality

Welcome to a Smart Hotel.  A hotel that delivers unique experiences for guests and staff. Where service meets sustainability. And where comfort, quality, and luxury are never compromised. Through one interface—whether it’s a remote, touch screen or a keypad on the wall—guests can control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, and music, schedule wake-up scenes, request valet service, and more.

The Control4® Hospitality Solution works with both retrofit and new construction hotels to transform the guest experience and enhance hotel operational efficiency, creating a win for the property manager and a very special stay for the traveler.

We know you already have products and systems that you rely on to provide top-notch service to your guests, that’s why interoperability is key. Control4 integrates with the brands built for hospitality—the brands you trust. Better still, our solution is affordable and everything is 100% scalable, so you can start on one floor and expand to the rest of the property.

Medical – Dental – Assisted Living

Control can improve patient experience and your bottom line.

Savvy medical and dental professionals are using Control4 systems to provide a better patient experience while improving efficiencies in the office, saving energy, streamlining communications and controlling sensitive security areas.

  • Relax and entertain patients by letting them select music, movies or games during their visit.
  • Set lights to turn off when patient and staff leave the room for energy efficiency.
  • Set all TVs in the office on and set them to a preferred channel with one button.
  • Touch possibilities are endless!